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Stamps are practical helpers in everyday life or for creative handicrafts at home. Their applications are incredibly diverse. Almost as diverse are the types and shapes of the stamps themselves. We carry high-quality stamping devices from the market leaders Trodat, Colop and stamping inks from Noris and Kupietz. In the following, we can only present a small excerpt from the world of stamps.

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With modern laser machines, among others from the company Trotec, we produce high-quality rubber text plates. We currently use 2 Laserati DT and 2 flatbed lasers (so-called Speedys). By using these high-quality machines, we ensure a consistent and good quality of the engraving depth and thus the impression quality.

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The use of different laser machines has the advantage that we can respond very flexibly to your stamp order. The flatbed lasers (Speedys) can also perform other tasks in the company (laser cutting or laser marking, for example).

Die 2 Hauptarten von Stempel

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Wooden Stamps

Wooden stamps are the classics among the stamps and despite their disadvantage that they require an extra ink pad, not to be imagined without. The wooden stamp is one of the hand stamps with which stamping is simply the most fun. There is no other stamp that is available in so many different sizes. The smallest wooden stamp available in our stamp store is only 10x10mm; the largest even 140x140mm. All sizes and shapes (round, square, oval) can be found in our online store

Even larger wooden stamps are then made as weighing stamps. Since it would be impossible to make a clean impression on a large surface, the stamp surface of the weighing stamp is curved. The impression is made by rolling ("weighing") the curved stamp surface onto the material to be stamped. For inking, you need a special large oversize stamp pad and a stamping ink that suits the particular application. You are welcome to inquire with us as to which color best suits your application.

In addition, we can make a customized wooden handle for unusual sizes. The wooden stamp has a nail on its handle (at the back) so you know which way to hold it. On the front, part of the impression is stamped on the wood so that several wooden stamps can be easily distinguished from each other. After use, it is always recommended to clean the stamps. For this purpose, we also have stamp cleaner in stock. For stamping you need a stamp pad, which you can re-soak with stamping ink.

Round wooden stamps are also often used as seal stamps to authenticate documents. We have official authorization to make seal stamps for government agencies or offices. You can find more info about official seals here.


Self-inking Stamps (Automatic stamps)

The practical self-inking or automatic stamps have a built-in ink pad. The ink pad closes itself after each impression and is thus protected from drying out at all times. In addition, there is also no risk of black fingers, as can happen with a wooden stamp. The stamp plate is guided parallel to the paper by a mechanism, so it is basically easier to stamp clean and straight impressions than with a wooden stamp.

Plastic self-inking stamps are the right stamps for private use. It can be ordered in a variety of colors. Plastic stamps include the Trodat Printy and the Colop Printer. They are available in sizes ranging from 13x6mm to 75x38mm.

Metal self-inking stamps are the right ones for the office, as they are designed for everyday use. They are often used as company stamps. Their plastic stands are reinforced with metal, which makes them sturdier and also more accurate when imprinting. You can get the best stamp impressions with a Trodat Professional or a Colop Classic Line. Sizes start at 41x24mm and go up to 116x70mm.

Full metal self-inkers completely eliminate unnecessary plastic. Where metal self-inking stamps only have metal reinforced stands, full metal self-inking stamps have the entire stamp made of solid metal. The full metal stamps include the Colop Expert Line. Available in sizes from 39x22mm up to 104x53mm.

In the further special self-inkers are presented.

Dater stamps are used in the office, in accounting, in the warehouse and everywhere where the receipt of documents must be documented. They are available as simple hand stamps that require an extra ink pad or as professional tripod stamps with a built-in ink pad. The date is manually adjustable and can be ordered in font heights from 3mm to 12mm. The year bands cannot be changed, however there are always 12 years on the year bands. With many date stamps, an individual text can be stamped in addition to the date. In our online store you will find date stamps with as well as without additional text and if necessary you can also configure this yourself. It is also possible to stamp in two colors in blue-red, so that the date is highlighted in red.

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Mobile stamps are optimal for taking along and are also called pocket stamps. They are designed in such a way that the internal pad makes finger contact with the stamping ink impossible and thus keeps your fingers clean. In addition, it can not happen that unintentional stamp imprints stain the pocket. Furthermore, the smart technology allows you to open, stamp and close with just one hand. They come in many different imprint sizes and shapes such as rectangular and round. All models from Trodat or Colop have a replaceable stamp pad that can also be refilled.

A variation to the pocket stamps are the ballpoint pen stamps. Looks like a normal ballpoint pen but has an integrated stamp with ink pad. This technical masterpiece is recommended as a personal gift, because the text can be customized (see ballpoint pen stamps). Alternatively, the ballpoint pen from heri is also ideal as a gift. The ballpoint pen is delivered in a case, in which a voucher for free delivery of the individual text plate is enclosed. You or the person you are giving the gift to can design this yourself online. You will find the Internet address for the design on the voucher.

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Do-it-yourself stamps are practical everyday helpers if you occasionally want to stamp different texts. However, since centering the small rubber letters requires a certain amount of effort, do-it-yourself stamps are only suitable for occasional use. Also, these D-I-Y stamps provide a less good imprint image than a regular stamp. They are available as simple plastic self-inking stamps or as high-quality metal tripod stamps (Trodat Typomatic). The stamps for self-setting come with letter sets and tweezers as accessories, which can also be ordered separately.

If the text of your stamp should ever change because, for example, the phone number has changed, you do not have to order a new stamp device. We manufacture replacement text plates for your Colop or Trodat stamps. Text plates are also available in free selectable sizes and can also be ordered online. These come with a self-adhesive film, so all you have to do is remove the old plate and stick on the new one. You can find instructions here: Replace Text Plate

Most of the time it is also recommended to replace the stamp pad, because the old stamp impression has usually been strongly pressed into the old stamp pad.

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Alt Image Stamp inks and ink pads

As a specialty store, we carry all spare parts such as replacement stamp pads or stamp inks for refilling.

The most common replacement pads we have quickly available from stock. Stamp pads for older stamp models (e.g. Alpo - stamps) are also available from us (if still in stock). What we do not have listed in the store, we can of course order for you.

We carry stamping inks from the leading manufacturers such as the company Noris or Trodat. There are stamping inks for many different applications such as stamping on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces or oil or alcohol based stamping inks. The right ink can be found for every material.

Word band rotary stamps from Trodat or Colop combine many different impressions in one stamp. Most word band rotary stamps also stamp the date. This means that the stamp impression can be quickly changed from "Received 11/24/2021" to "Done 11/25/2021". Word band rotary stamps with date and ready-made text are available at stempelpool.de as high-quality tripod date stamps or as plastic stamps in many colors. If you need different individual texts that are not available as prefabricated, you are welcome to send your request to info@stempelpool.de.

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