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We offer a wide range of services at the highest level and quality. We distinguish ourselves through many years of know-how, the most modern technology and a qualitatively extremely reliable production.

We take care of your project from consulting and planning to programming, manufacturing and shipping.  With Fahrion GmbH as your partner in sheet metal processing, you get everything from a single source. Reasonably priced and fast.

TruPunch 1000 - modern machinery

Our Trumpf TruPunch 1000 punching/nibbling machine offers you new technological advantages:

  • Nibble-free outer edges thanks to multishear tool technology.
  • Deburring on the machine (roller deburring)
  • machine-formed countersinks
  • increased speed
  • faster automatic tool change
  • faster rotary head
  • data transfer of common CAD programs (dxf, other formats on request).
punching technology CNC punching technology

What we can do:


  • CNC - Punching
  • CNC - Milling
  • CNC - stud welding
  • Press-in stud
  • profile machining
  • simple folding


  • Anodizing
  • Painting in RAL colors
  • Chromated/anodized
  • Surfaces
  • Powder coating


  • Screen printing
  • sub-eloxal printing
  • typesetting and film production
  • Film lettering
  • Engraving

What we cannot do: Housing production/ multiple edging/ typical laser parts (free-form contours).

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Olga Herb

Customer service and advice

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Phone: +49(0)7141/2645-35
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Josua Sinka

Customer service and advice

Mail: frontplatten@fahrion-gmbh.de
Phone: +49(0)7141/2645-35
Fax: +49(0)7141/2645-15