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has become an integral process in modern-day marking technologies. However, it is not the ultimate method that makes all marking tasks easier and more cost effective, but rather just another surface technology with both advantages and disadvantages.

Alt Image Uniquely shaped acrylic glass sign

  • The advantages include: 
  • Simple serial numbering
  • Engraving of geometrically challenging surfaces (e.g. curved or difficult-to-access surfaces)
  • Engraving and cutting in a single process
  • Engraving without complex fixtures
  • Scratch-proof (depending on the engraving depth)
  • No chemical additives required
  • The greatest disadvantages: 
  • Does not tend to show the best contrast
  • Only single colour markings (*)
  • Engraved organic materials have a distinctive smell (e.g. wood has a burnt smell that dissipates with time)
  • Not all materials can be processed
  • Often only suitable for functional marking (labels)
  • Results depend on the material being processed (sample required)

There are two basic laser engraving methods for marking materials:

1.) Due to the highly concentrated beam of light the structure of the material surface is visibly altered (e.g. wood is branded, cast acrylic glass loses its transparency and turns a milky white)

2.) Removal of a thin layer of the material surface brings to the fore the different coloured surface below (e.g. when marking anodised aluminium or coated surfaces).

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We engrave and cut using a 100 W CO2 flatbed laser. The relatively high laser power of 100 W enables the processing of thicker materials or faster speeds with thinner mate- rials. The working range is 1000mm x 600mm and the maximum work- piece height is 300mm. This means there are virtually no limits to what we can engrave and cut.

Due to the many different marking tasks, materials and requirements, it is difficult for us to define fixed rules on what is possible and what is not. Please give us a call or send an email with your requirements and together we will find the perfect solution. Thanks to the wide range of methods available to us, we offer you comprehensive advice on all aspects of marking.

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Laser cut wood


Uniquely shaped acrylic glass

As manufacturer of front panels with the possibilities of our sheet metal processing occur in combination with the laser marking interesting manufacturing process. So we can, for example, bylabeling of rating plates the invariant areas in screen printing and laser engraving the variable fields only. Then the high-quality screen printing, which also enables company logos in multiple colors, combined with the flexibility of laser marking.

Alt Image Laser cut and painted wood
Alt Image

Laser engraving wood


Laser engraving wood fragment


Laser cut acrylic glass


Laser cut and engraving leather

(*) = With certain types of metal it is possible to achieve annealing colours by carefully regulating the amount of energy delivered to the material surface by the laser. The end result may be multi-coloured laser engravings. How- ever, the colours will not be rich in contrast and it is not possible to reproduce colour systems (RAL, HKS, Pantone).

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