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remain sources of information for many years. Frequently they are exposed to sources of corrosion such as abrasion, oil, etc. Anodized printing of rating platesAnodized printing of rating plates

Anodized printing of rating plates


For this reason, we primarily use anodized printing for rating plates. This printing method is absolutely resistant to abrasion, oil and diluents since the dye particles are absorbed into the material and do not lie on the surface of the plate.
 Rating plates screen printing


Our in-house galvanizing and screen printing depart- ments allow us to economically manufacture large num- bers of front panels and rating plates.
Aluminum rating plate  
The rating plates are fastened by screws and rivets, or by a self-adhesive film. The latter method is only suitable for smooth and clean surfaces.


Barcode rating plate    Rating plate with holes    Rating plate with company logo   
Barcode rating plate   Rating plate with holes   Rating plate with company logo  



Rating plates are generally one-off productions, and any size and shape can be manufactured according to your specifi- cations. Company logos can be created in every available anodized print color. Self-adhesive rating plate
  Self-adhesive rating plate


The subsequent labeling is performed by engraving or number punching. Since the rating plates bend when they are labeled with punched numbers, these particular plates should not be glued with adhesive. Our engraving department can take instructions on demand; since we keep an inventory of plates in-house, all you have to do is give us the text and number of plates to be engraved.


Sample business card with anodized printing Ask for a sample business card. You can see the advan- tages of anodized printing firsthand.
Sample business card
with anodized printing



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