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are your business cards for the electronics inside. An attractive appearance and quality are es- sential. Front panel

Front panels


We manufacture ready-to-install customer-specific front panels. We offer everything from mechanical processing to surface processing and printed text. This gives you flexibility and quick turnaround times at a reasonable price. Our cutting-edge CNC stamping and nibbling systems give us the ability to economically produce high numbers of units.
Trumpf TruPunch 1000
The new MultiShear technique allows us to stamp the outside images of plates without nibbling. Since we maintain more than 400 tools on reserve, additional tool costs are rare. Today, coun- tersinks can be cleanly stamped (shaped) which offers a clear cost advantage over milled or manually created countersinks.
CNC stamping  



To mount printed circuit boards or other mechanical parts on the rear of panels, we can affix weld studs or clinch studs (blind hole threaded bolts) on the back side. Both create a mechanical connection that is invisible on the front.

Weld studs are affixed using highly precise CNC welding. In addition, all the excess welding material is removed, and each weld is mechanically tested to thoroughly minimize the risk of stud failure.

Clinch studs and press-fit bushes (with an inner thread) are pressed into a blind hole. Since the blind hole needs to be milled, it makes sense to use blind hole clinch studs especially when the front panel also needs to be milled. Clinch studs and bushes come in aluminum or stainless steel, and the weld studs are made of aluminum.
Clinch studs

Clinch studs



Our in-house galvanizing and screen printing departments allow us to print all anodized front panels at no additional cost using using anodized printing. This printing method yields a surface that is absolutely wipe, scratch, oil and diluent resistant since the ink penetrates into the unsealed oxide layer and does not lie on the surface of the front panel. Special printing inks are used which are applied via screen printing. We produce silver matte anodized surfaces and can create black anodized front panels. Anodized surfaces are highly attractive and scratch resistant.

We are able to paint the surfaces in all RAL hues. The advantage of painted front panels is that they have a uniform appearance when they are all assembled on a rack, whereas anodized front panels are subject to certain unavoidable fluctuations (such as the degree of gloss) from batch to batch. However, painted surfaces are more sus- ceptible to scratches than anodized surfaces. To overcome this disadvantage, we offer an optional protective clear coat that protects the paint layer and printed text from scratches and finger oils.




We also process front panels supplied from housing manufacturers. We can mill these according to your drawings, or paint or anodize them as desired and print or engrave text on the front panel according to the provided template.


19´´ front panels    Profiled front panels    Control boards   
19´´ - front panels    Profiled front panels    Control boards   


Our production processes:

Mechanical processing   Surfaces   Printing
  • CNC stamping
  • CNC milling
  • CNC stud welding
  • Clinch studs
  • Profiling
  • Simple edge bending
  • Anodizing
  • Painting in RAL colors
  • Chromated/anodized
  • Powdered coating
  • Screen printing
  • Anodized printing
  • Typesetting and film creation
  • Film printing
  • Engraving
  • Digital printing


One of our strengths is flexibility. We are able to process express orders within a few workdays. We can produce single items and small series as well as batches of more than 10,000 units.
3HE/6HE front panels

3HE/6HE - front panels


Profiled front panel
Take advantage of our years of experience in manufacturing profiled front panels including the assembly of subsystems. The finished product is packaged and labeled individually as desired.
Profiled front panel including assembly  



Please send us your requests to info@fahrion-gmbh.de


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