Fahrion GmbH - About us...

Our company was founded in 1922. Now in our third generation, the company success- fully competes for its share of the market   with around 30 employees. Each of our emp- loyees is eager to help you achieve your goals or overcome problems.

Fahrion FmbH

Contact person...
Fahrion GmbH, Filsstraße 29, D-71679 Asperg
email: info@fahrion-gmbh.de
Central fax: +49 (0)7141-2645-15
Front panels, signs: Olga Herb +49 (0)7141-2645-35
Stamps: Jasmin Mechler +49 (0)7141-2645-0
Engraving: Tanja Frick +49 (0)7141-2645-20
Accounting: Tanja Frick +49 (0)7141-2645-24
Management: Markus Fahrion +49 (0)7141-2645-35